Today, over 50 years later the company has reached levels of professionalization and the commercial success imagined for anybody many years ago, and it has transformed in a leader company of the sector.



The management group of Redondo covers the entire value chain in order to meet the expectations of the different interest groups. We pursue a company that generates value in an ethical and sustainable way, and which acts as a benchmark for society.



At Redondo we are committed to defend and convey the philosophy and values of the company and meet the needs of the consumers.



A constant self improvement, to achieve the excellence in management always improving what we do, even the things we do well.



Standardization and be according with processing, to ensure that the consumers be satisfied with the products.


Ensuring that our products meet or exceed the expectations of clients and consumers to maintain their trust.



Being able to adapt quickly to different changes, like the legislative ones, the needs and the demands of the customers.




Redondo pursues the loyalty of customers and consumers, as well as achieving and maintaining a benchmark position in the domestic market and being the suppliers to the major national distribution networks.



Redondo is aware of the social and environmental responsibilities that belong to the company activities.



One objective is the sustainable growth of the business, thus Redondo is committed to respect the natural environment and the area where the company carries out the activities.


The main goal is to reduce the environmental impact caused by these activities, going down the costs by the responsible use of the resources. On this way, we respond to a society that is increasingly committed to the environment.


This is essential when we develop and implement new activities.



Redondo promotes the creation of job and the generation of wealth collaborating with the several autonomous communities where the company is operating. We have a real and tangible commitment with people and the environmental that surrounds us.