Redondo has an Integral program of food safety introduced by the department of Quality and Food Security, which includes the breeder farms and the broiler grow-out terms as well.



Redondo has two feed factories, one for the production of feed for the breeder chickens and the other for fattening the broilers.


Also, Redondo has a qualified production team, which is able to adapt the feed to the nutritional needs of the birds in the different states of their development.


The quality of our products begins in the primary sector, with the origin of the raw materials.


When the raw materials arrive to our facilities, they are submitted to a rigorous quality control, rejecting those that don’t meet the limits set by our demanding quality department.


During the manufacturing process, samples are taken continuously, and are analysed in the plant’s laboratory and are also sent to external laboratories.


“The basis of our product is food”


In the manufacturing of feed there is NIR (near Infrared) equipment for the analysis of feed and raw materials.


Our feed satisfies the highest quality standards and is subjected to a process of sanitizing above 100 ºC which when it is completed leaves feed free of Salmonella and other pathogens.


The feed mill has its own logistics network for feed distribution to all areas of operation.