Redondo has an Integral program of food safety introduced by the department of Quality and Food Security, which includes the breeder farms and the broiler grow-out terms as well.



Our integrations are committed members with Redondo that have been approved by a rigorous selection of their operations, which must meet the requirements of the facilities and the managing by Redondo to ensure that the fattening of the chickens is carried out with the best conditions of animal well-being and biosafety conditions.


One day old chicks are moved in our own vehicles from the incubation rooms to the integration farms, meeting with the regulation concerning to the transfer of alive birds.


We have technical advisers who apply preventive methods and correct practices in the management of operations, and they process any possible health incident.


Redondo has made a commitment with the development and professionalization of the poultry meat farming, for that we advise to our integrators, we process the possible health incidents and we demand the human resources and the materials that are necessaries to obtain a production with the maximum respect to the well-being of the animals and to the environment.


As a result of this commitment, our job integral to this development of the primary sector, and his adaptation to the present and future requirements of the market.