Redondo has an Integral program of food safety introduced by the department of Quality and Food Security, which includes the breeder farms and the broiler grow-out terms as well.



In the field of R&D we maintain an ongoing commitment to innovation and development of our processes and products, progressing always for the well-being of the animals and the needs and the tastes of the consumer.


In Redondo’s Handbook of Quality and Food Safety are defined the policy goals and the action to be performed in each process.


We have compiled a selection of the main projects about innovation and development that we have carried out:



Technological innovation projects which are based on an automated line where the guts are removed, and a cold tunnel that is provided with the latest refrigeration technology.

The project includes the complete automation of traceability, with the implementation of a specific supplemented ERP with the installation of an optical reader hardware and data terminals installed in each scale.


*Project supported by the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), and by the Ministry of Economy and Technological Innovation on the Community of Madrid.



A project consortium with other companies of the sector and is supported by the CDTI, where they have studied strategies for the improvement of the poultry production of egg-laying, meat and derivative products.



Project in consortium with other companies of European scope, conform to the FP7 (Seventh European Framework Program on R&D), in which are investigated the methods to obtain the decrease of Campylobacter presence in chicken meat.