Production process: Atlas system

Atlas system

Atlas is an innovative technological system for animal welfare. Through a functional design, this new stunning system reduces poultry stress by optimising handling times during loading, transport, stunning and subsequent handling.

Its large, stackable format allows for improved transport conditions. Designed to hold a larger number of chickens, it means a great reduction in animal movement and therefore improved animal welfare. In addition to a fully functional format for easy loading and stacking.

The Atlas System divides its process into two phases.

  • In the loading phase, once the containers have been introduced into the farm, the loading process takes less time than in conventional systems, thus reducing stress on the birds. As they are larger, their storage capacity is better.
  • Once transported to the waiting area, already in the unloading and stunning phase, under controlled light and temperature conditions, the containers are placed on the conveyor belt to bring the birds to the stunning module. The gas stunning system (O2 and CO2) in two phases. Once the birds are put to sleep, they pass to the processing line for the preparation of a high quality product.
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