Production process: Feed manufacture


Redondo has two feed factories, one for the production of feed for the breeding stock and the other for the fattening of broilers. Both factories are GLOBAL G.A.P. certified for all their production.

They also have qualified production facilities with the capacity to adapt to the nutritional needs of the birds in the different stages of development.

The quality of our final product begins in the primary sector, with the origin of the raw materials: wheat, soya and maize. On arrival at the facilities, the cereals are subjected to the strictest quality controls, rejecting all those that do not comply with the limits established by our quality department.

During the manufacturing process, samples are taken and analysed in the plant laboratory and are also sent to external laboratories.

The basis of our product is food

The feed factory has NIR equipment for the analysis of feed and raw materials.

In order to meet the highest quality standards, our feed is subjected to a sanitisation process by heat treatment at more than 100ºC, which allows us to obtain a finished feed free of pathogens.