REDONDO has a comprehensive food safety programme implemented by its Food Safety and Quality Department, which includes both breeding farms and integrated broiler farms.

Food quality and safety

The commitment of Explotaciones Avícolas Jose Luis Redondo, S.A. to offer our customers and consumers products of the highest quality and high food safety standards is the driving force behind our continuous improvement process.

As a symbol of this quest for quality throughout the entire process of our products, we have obtained several certifications that endorse our work and are proof of the performance of our professional team to obtain and serve quality products on the market.

At Explotaciones Avícolas Jose Luis Redondo, S.A. we accredit the quality and food safety of our industry and products through the most important certificates and seals on the market, awarded by prestigious independent bodies that guarantee strict compliance with all the requirements.

The IFS (International Food Standard) certification has enabled us to position our product in the most demanding international market, both in terms of quality management systems and food safety.

This food safety standard, a global benchmark for companies in the food sector, is based on a solid quality management system, oriented towards compliance with legal obligations and consumer protection, especially in terms of food safety.

This recognition is renewed annually since 2016, when it was awarded for the first time, with a higher level, including each year the most cutting-edge innovations and requirements of the food sector.

This requirement keeps all the company’s processes in a position to respond dynamically to the expectations of our customers.

In addition, we guarantee transparency throughout the supply chain in order to achieve the highest quality standards in food safety through GLOBAL GAP certification.

The importance that we attach to the conditions of the animals from the farm are included in the specifications of this standard, which the company also complies with.

This certification, a global reference for the on-farm breeding system, includes the feed factory, hatchery and farms, with extensive monitoring and control of all processes.

At Explotaciones Avícolas Jose Luis Redondo, S.A. we know that only by treating our animals in the best way, we can achieve the best product.

The Welfair™ Animal Welfare certification is an independent certificate based on the European standards Welfare Quality and AWIN®, which evaluates and controls the quality of animal welfare on farms, growing areas and poultry processing plants.

AENOR has distinguished us with the Animal Welfare seal, based on the direct evaluation of the animals, according to the Welfare Quality ® protocols.

As a company located in Leganés, our products are registered with the “M Producto Certificado” brand, the Alimentos de Madrid guarantee mark, the distinctive mark with which the Community of Madrid wishes to guarantee the origin and quality of its agri-food products.

M Producto Certificado foods are products whose excellence and origin have been certified, they are local products, safe and with a differentiated quality.

With M Producto Certificado you can easily identify the products that are produced with such care in the Community of Madrid. Because the best products are grown and produced much closer than you think.


Research + Development + Innovation

R&D&I activity is key to the application of knowledge and technology in the different production stages with the aim of designing new technical processes and products that represent significant advances in quality, health, welfare, efficiency and sustainability.

Explotaciones Avícolas Jose Luis Redondo, S.A. has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in different areas which, together with collaborations with other companies, as well as with research centres and universities, develops different R&D&I projects.