Achievement of Global Gap certification

GLOBAL GAP is a set of highly demanding and internationally recognised standards on GOOD PRACTICE for AGRICULTURAL FOOD PRODUCERS covering all the processes of obtaining the certified product: from the beginning of the process until it is removed from the farm.

The Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) protocol is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • Food Safety. Mainly based on HACCP concepts.
  • Environmental protection. Sustainable production, minimising the environmental impact of agricultural practices.
  • People’s health. It establishes global requirements for health, safety and social aspects.

The GLOBALGAP certificate is a guarantee that the food complies with the established levels of quality and safety, and that it has been produced following sustainability criteria, respecting the safety, hygiene and welfare of workers, the environment, and taking into account respect for animals.

REDONDO’s certified activities include the Incubation Plant (the only one certified in Europe), the Feed Factory and various Fattening Farms.

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