Redondo has a new commercial director

Interview with the new sales manager, Antonio Antelo Cano.


Antonio, you have been working at Condis Supermercats for the last few years as head of meat purchasing. What challenges are you facing now?

Mainly to restructure the Sales Department, looking for new ways of doing business both in segments that are already being exploited and in new categories.


What has struck you most about the company and what do you want to bring to it? 

Undoubtedly the customer orientation of the whole team that makes up the different Departments: Quality, Production, Administration, Commercial, IT, HR. This is something I already knew, but once inside, you realise the degree of commitment that is breathed, both on a day-to-day basis and in the development of new projects.

As far as I am concerned, knowledge of the product and of the customer’s needs must be an important support point on which to base the consolidation and commercial growth of Redondo.


What have these new quality certificates meant for you? 

On a commercial level, these certificates imply two realities. The concern for achieving greater safety in the products and the processes that make them up, in the case of IFS certification, and in the case of Global GAP certification, it shows the importance that Redondo attaches to animal welfare and good farming practices.

Undoubtedly, all this means added value for our customers.


Can you tell us what’s new at Redondo?

We are currently working on new ambitious projects, focused on the acquisition of our own production centre in Guadalajara.

This project will allow us to develop new livestock production lines that we hope to put on the market in the medium term.

In addition, at Redondo there are always lines of R&D focused on production improvements and productions that are more respectful of the environment and committed to all aspects of animal welfare and therefore much more highly valued by the end consumer.


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