Terra Alcarria, the new poultry production centre in Redondo, which will house 448,000 birds per cycle

El núcleo de producción de Redondo alojará 448.000 aves por ciclo

Terra Alcarria is Redondo’s new corporate infrastructure expansion plan, a poultry farm comprising 24 houses that will house 448,000 birds per cycle. Located in Cerezo de Mohernando, Guadalajara, and divided into three development phases, this is one of Redondo’s most ambitious projects in recent years.

Between 29 November and 2 December 2021, the first phase of the Núcleo de Engorde Terra Alcarria  was officially inaugurated. This new nucleus is made up of 24 fattening houses that will be built in different phases and will house a total of 448,000 birds per cycle. In this first phase, the complex of houses for poultry production in Redondo began to house the first 121,300 chickens, marking the start of this new project.


El núcleo de producción de Redondo alojará 448.000 aves por ciclo


When the production process is optimal, the product becomes a leader

The construction and implementation of technological systems in each of the sheds are certified by the necessary seals of guarantee to ensure quality and animal welfare. It is a nucleus of closed, controlled environment sheds with transversal ventilation and equipped with the latest technology, which guarantees all environmental, health and animal welfare parameters at optimum levels. The culmination of this project represents a leap in quality for the company, as it will now have complete control over approximately 25% of the chickens slaughtered each year.

Since 1963, we have been working to offer our customers high quality poultry products. Committed to all the guarantees and quality seals, we develop all parts of the production process in a sustainable way, taking care of animal welfare.  Thanks to the total control of the production process, we maintain a permanent commitment to offer the best poultry products on the market to our customers and consumers, representing our guarantee of quality.

The new expansion of Redondo means, in addition to the increase in poultry production capacity, the generation of employment and the development of a sustainable future for the environment of the Terra Alcarria location; located in Cerezo de Mohernando, Guadalajara, 30 km from Guadalajara and 85 km from Madrid.

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