We implemented specialised software for the integrated management of Redondo’s maintenance department

Implantamos un software especializado para la gestión integral del departamento de Mantenimiento de Redondo

At Redondo we are constantly evolving. We have implemented software for the comprehensive, online-assisted management of the maintenance department. This new functionality, already integrated into Redondo’s maintenance department management system, facilitates, perfects and automates the processes related to the essential functioning of the department, improving aspects such as company assets, human resources or general maintenance management.

A quick start-up that allows us to manage and improve communication with the different production departments, optimising our resources to have a positive impact on the quality of our poultry products. It is a software where the different section managers can manage “maintenance requests”, while the system returns all the information and traceability from the opening of each order to its closure.


We are committed to continuous improvement and perfection of high quality.


This optimisation of resources is not only about obtaining the best results within the Redondo maintenance department, it is essential for the evolution of the general internal operation.

It is an application that has a mobile platform designed for maintenance technicians who are in the “field” to carry out their tasks in an optimised way, relying on the ergonomics and resources of the mobile terminal itself. This intuitive and simple application works with the best navigation and keystrokes to be performed by maintenance technicians.

Now in Redondo, the integrated management of the maintenance department, assisted online, covers aspects such as management of company assets, human resources, spare parts management, orders, warehouses, maintenance operations, work order management, KPIs, statistics and customised reports. The use of this integrated application is a commitment to the optimisation of processes and resources that has an impact on improving the quality of our poultry products.



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