The guarantee mark M Certified Product, from the Community of Madrid, guarantees the high quality and origin of Redondo’s products.

La marca de garantía M Producto Certificado, de la Comunidad de Madrid, garantiza la alta calidad y procedencia de los productos de Redondo.
The M Certified Product quality seal, the new Alimentos de la Comunidad de Madrid guarantee mark, guarantees and recognises the origin and high quality of our poultry products

The excellence of Redondo’s products, production processes and origin is certified by this brand. It highlights the proximity, safety and quality of our agri-food products. A mark that highlights the freshness and flavour of a high quality product in optimum conditions for consumption, without losing any of its nutrients until it reaches the table.

It is a certification that marks the difference between products grown, produced and elaborated in national territory.

Redondo’s alignment with the values of the M Certified Product, seal of guarantee identifies us as local producers with differentiated quality. In addition to representing professionalism and responsibility towards the environment, it values the natural and cultural wealth to be part of the sustainable social and economic development of the Community of Madrid.

More than 50 years producing high quality

The added value of Redondo poultry products is their high quality, where responsible, close, safe and trustworthy production processes play a leading role. Each product provides our customers and consumers with a guaranteed quality result at every stage of the production process. From the manufacture of feed to the final product, through breeding, incubation and integration, Redondo obtains products produced under the umbrella of sustainability and responsibility.

Redondo’s responsible management and processes cover the entire value chain to obtain high expectations from each customer. A value generated in an ethical and sustainable way to be a reference for society and its development.

In short, the M Certified Product seal of the Community of Madrid marks and identifies our products as quality, close, safe and trustworthy agri-food products.

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